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A Crippler Called Acidosis

We’ve all been there: You’re pushing hard into anaerobic no-man’s land during a workout or competition when your muscles suddenly blow up. So what just happened? As your muscles produce lactate for energy, acid (often erroneously referred to as lactic acid) is also a by-product. When buffered, the acid is held at bay and the muscle is able to use the available lactate for energy. When not buffered, the unmistakable muscle burn kicks in, and in worst-case scenarios, muscles shutdown.

In a nutshell:

Lactate: Fuels your muscles during high intensity exercises – think cycling, running, interval training, high intensity bursts in basketball and soccer, rock climbing, and so on.
Acidosis and Performance: That burn in your muscles after going anaerobic for too long? That’s naturally produced acid forming that, if left unchecked, will cause muscle burn and fatigue.
Soreness: Furthermore oxidative stress caused by high levels of anaerobic energy production damages the muscle’s mitochondria and results in inflammation. This inflammation contributes to delayed muscle soreness and noticeably compromises future performance.
The Great Emancipator: Sodium Bicarbonate & Buffering
In 1843, Alfred Bird invented sodium bicarbonate—baking soda—to help his wife in the kitchen. In the late 70’s and early 80’s, sports physiologists and athletes began attempting to use it as a base in neutralizing muscle acidosis and balance the pH levels in muscles. Those who tried absorbing the powder by ingesting it quickly abandoned their experiments after erupting into severe gut-wrenching pain and other distressing reactions.

And then in late 2016 Topical Edge created and patented the technology that allows sodium bicarbonate to pass directly into hard-working muscles. Through independent clinical trials, conducted by Dr. Mark Kern, it was proven that the acidosis beast had finally been tamed. Athletes who use Topical Edge’s Performance & Recovery Lotion in their pre- and post-workout/competition routines rejoice with every use.