an intended or desired result; end; aim; goal.

The purpose of this collective shall be to foster and cultivate cycling awareness especially among women. In its commitment to empowering female cyclists for a better culture, we will work in partnership with the entire community to assure equality and provide services, opportunities and leadership necessary to establish and maintain safe cycling culture. The founders, trainers, and members of the club believe in the equal worth and dignity of all cyclists. As a community organization for female cyclists in the surrounding Denver area, we are responsible for establishing a climate that:

  • Provides female cyclists that have the desire to compete the coaching and camaraderie that will help them achieve both competitive and non-competitive cycling goals in a safe and enjoyable manner.
  • Develops in them an awareness of what it is to be an cyclist that is giving, gracious, and respectful to their community.
  • Creates an environment in which they may discover new friendships and find lasting role models.
  • Guides cyclists towards learning new skills and disciplines, and spreads the foundations of bike racing in the community, especially among women.
  • Promotes the value of cycling to our community as a mode of transportation and as a life long sport.
  • Supports the equal treatment of women, in not only the cycling community, but in all women’s sport.
  • Be cool, to everyone, bikes or not.

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