About Us

In the Summer of 2016 I created a Women’s Cycling Facebook group based off of a previous group, that I knew wasn’t going to survive. I watched all of these different types of women get together and ride bikes, I didn’t want to lose that community. I also didn’t want the ladies who had gotten involved to feel like they were being left behind. Thus the Denver Women’s Cycling Group was created.

I’ve been riding for a while and have been involved with several different teams, but after seeing this group flourish and wanting to do something different, the idea began, why don’t we have our own collective/club/team? So that’s exactly what I did!

SQUARE1 Cycling
a starting point; where it all begins:

The purpose of this collective shall be to foster and cultivate cycling awareness, especially among women. In its commitment to empowering female cyclists for a better culture, we will work in partnership with the entire community to assure equality and provide services, opportunities and leadership necessary to establish and maintain a safe cycling culture.